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Create a modern workspace with Softcat and VMware

Deliver productivity, security and flexibility to support employer and employee choice.

The workspace has gone digital

Workspace trends are changing, and fast. People are completing tasks across more devices, on the go, while expecting the same easy access to applications that they were used to in the office.

Meanwhile, workspace technology has become more complex. Disparate systems mean that people are having to navigate a growing number of applications. And for IT teams, this can add to the strain of keeping apps, operating systems and security up to date and experiences consistent across devices.

To keep up with the ever-shifting demands of today’s mobile workforce, organisations need digital workspace solutions that enable productivity across different locations, without compromising on familiarity and security.

Try Workspace ONE for yourself

The best way to see the benefits of Workspace ONE is to take it for a test drive. Sign up for a free 90-day trial, unlocking access to Softcat’s technical resources and pre-sales, and experience the full potential of Workspace ONE.

Hear our stories

Our team know all about the digital workspace. They are constantly collaborating with organisations, discussing their own experiences and helping them understand where technology can help empower their people.

Our videos explore four important topics.

Enabling exceptional employee experience

If someone is aware of their workspace, it’s probably interrupting their task. Sean Kingswood, Softcat’s Digital Workspace Technical Architect, discusses why giving employees fast, easy and secure access to the information and applications they need is essential for a positive experience in the modern workspace.

Unifying device management, across vendor, OS and location

Managing a diverse estate, regardless of the vendor, location or purpose, can be a huge task, especially in our remote landscape. Dan Collett, Softcat’s EUC Technical Consultant, shares how unified endpoint management lets you stay in control of every device, from a single control plane.

Making the move to mobile

People work across devices, locations and networks, which can cause problems when it comes to rolling out updates. Nathaniel Greenwood, Softcat’s EUC Solutions Architect, explores why virtualisation of applications and desktops offers an effective solution.

Staying secure in a remote working world

With workdays taking place in new locations and on more devices, traditional security is no longer practical and organisations can be susceptible to security threats. Darren Pettit, Softcat’s EUC Solutions Architect, lets us know why now’s the time to choose technology with security features built in.

Today’s employee’s need to remain productive, wherever their place of work

Help your teams to work their way with Softcat, powered by VMware’s Workspace ONE and Horizon.

Today’s employee’s need to remain productive, wherever their place of work

Engage every employee

An excellent experience requires simplicity. Workspace ONE lets organisations deliver and manage any app on any device, giving people access to exactly what they need for their role, from day one.

The intelligence-driven workspace platform integrates access control, app management and endpoint management into a single platform – letting everyone work uninterrupted. Simple to use. Easy for IT. Secure for the organisation.

  • Onboard new employees with all apps and devices in under an hour, without needing to raise a ticket
  • Boost productivity with secure, password-free single sign-in for access to apps on any device
  • Drive insights and analytics with access to data across your workspace
  • Streamline tasks that require multiple back end systems or websites with Mobile Flows automation
  • Set and enforce access and data policies across all apps and devices
  • Consolidate management silos across corporate and personal devices with unified endpoint management

Let work happen anywhere with Horizon

Simple, reliable access to a secure, high-performance desktop from any device and any connected location is fundamental in our remote-ready era.

People get the best digital workspace experience with the freedom to work on any device, while provisioning, automation and management is quick and easy for IT. Win-win.

  • Deliver a personalised end user experience for every employee
  • Secure access to company resources from any device
  • Quickly deploy and scale virtual desktops and apps from a single control plane, whether on-premises, in the public cloud or hybrid
  • Embrace, enhance and extend the unique features of Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Gain scalability and flexibility with hybrid and multi-cloud deployment
  • Modernise legacy infrastructure with rapid desktop and app provisioning

How to become an anywhere organisation

How can you change your organisation for the better and embrace new working practices? In this video, our CTO of Digital Workspace examines the key challenges and opportunities that exist for organisations, and how Workspace ONE could help you achieve your goals.

  • Redefining physical and cultural experience through technology
  • Securing access with a Zero Trust security strategy
  • Simplifying sign-on access
  • Improving the working experience from the moment the job offer is accepted
  • Bringing together multiple cloud and device platforms

Take your next step with Softcat

When you choose the technology to power your digital workspace, you need to know that it can enable your people to work productively, flexibly, collaboratively and securely. At Softcat we help organisations to define and implement strategies that take advantage of VMware technologies, which help put people first and accomplish these goals.

Whether an organisation plans to enable greater mobility and flexibility to work remotely, aims to centralise and find efficiencies in estate management, or requires assistance with defining and implementing change, Softcat will provide expertise, support and guidance to ensure a successful transition.

Let’s get started

Take the next step in your digital workspace journey with Softcat and VMware. To find out more, contact your Softcat account manager.

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